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Return Address:

Cengage Learning Distribution Center
10650 Toebben Dr, Location 2
Independence, KY 41051
Phone: 1-800-354-9706
Support website:

Return Shipping Requirements:

  • Returns must be shipped prepaid via a traceable means and be accompanied by one packing list per carton indicating quantity and titles returned.
  • Returns must reference the original invoice numbers for titles included.
  • Return cartons may never exceed 50 pounds and should be constructed of 275lbs (PSI bursting strength), single wall corrugated. Size may not exceed the following dimensions: Length 21” x Width 12” x Height 9 ¼”
  • All books are to be placed in cartons flat packed, back to back. All voids are to be filled with packing material with the amount of filler not to exceed ½ inch.
  • When utilizing pallets, each pallet used must be in a condition suitable for shipment when loaded, measuring 48”x40”. Unacceptable pallets would be those which have obvious splits, cracks or broken boards. The layer pattern used should alternate to ‘lock’ the previous layer in place for load stability and must be consistent for the entire pallet load. The height of a completed pallet load may not exceed 54”, including pallet and cartons must not overhang any edges of the pallet.
  • Each carton in a multiple carton shipment is to be plainly marked as carton number “X of X”. For example, carton number six in a shipment of ten would be marked as “6 of 10”.
  • When a Return delivery exceeds 10 pallets or more, a notification of shipment is to be sent to indicating the customer making the return, the number of pallets per location, the total number of pallets being delivered and the anticipated delivery date.
  • Non-conforming shipments may be subject to chargeback fees of $25 per violation. Excessive issues may require refusal of shipment subject to a processing fee of $100 and associated return shipping charges. Please contact with any questions.

Returns Policy:

The return policy for online orders is the same as the general Cengage return policy, and includes the following guidelines:

  • With exception of exclusions noted below, our returns policy permits the return of Cengage purchased product within 30 days of receipt of the order.
  • Returns are permitted for products bought directly from Cengage USA. Product purchased from overseas and returned to the Cengage Distribution Center will be refused back to the sender and no credit will be issued.
  • Defective product returns require prior authorization from Cengage and must follow the returns instructions given.
  • For damaged product, please notify Cengage within 30 days of receipt to receive authorization. You will have 30 days from the date of your return authorization letter to make any returns.
  • Returns must be in saleable condition. All physically delivered digital/multi-media products must be returned to Cengage Learning with the original envelope seal or package seal unbroken and intact.
  • Any refunds for digital access delivered via API, or through any other virtual delivery method, is subject to a 14 day return policy.
  • Custom-published titles carry a returns limit of 20% of the quantity ordered and must be returned within 30 days of receipt of the order.
  • All bundles must be returned in their original unbroken shrink-wrap.
  • Returns of superseded titles must be received within 120 days of publication of the new edition.
  • Returns of out of print titles must be received within 120 days of notification.
  • Product outside of our return policy will be shipped at the applicable carrier cost and charged back to the customer based upon weight and destination of the refused product.
  • Cengage will match invoices for returns to the individual account (the "ship to" account) based on its historical purchases. If that amount exceeds the individual account's purchases, we will match the invoice back against the total historical invoices within the customer's family of accounts (based on "bill to" account, including any other ship to accounts associated with it). Returns that cannot be matched against invoices within the family of accounts will not receive credit.

Sticker Damage:

Cengage does not accept returns for product where stickers have been applied by, or at the request of, the account. This includes customer barcode stickers, price stickers, or any other sticker that does not already exist on the product when it is shipped by Cengage. Returns received with customer stickers, or that are damaged during sticker removal by the account, will be destroyed without return credit applied.

Counterfeit Product:

Counterfeit product is ineligible for return credit. Product returned to Cengage and found to be counterfeit will be destroyed without return credit applied.